Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project X Pan: 5 Products.

Hi guys! How is 2012 treating you so far? I really like 2012 so far, better than 2011 but you don't know for sure yet. Anyways, on my resolution on blogging more, I decided to make a post about Project x Pan. I have 5 Products since I can never finish 10 for my life! I've already gotten four done fortunately. So I won't buy any bath stuff/makeup until I finish all 5, I'm almost done though. This is so I can save up some money I guess and it sounded like a funner way than just "NOT BUYING STUFF!" hehe. So here are the products:
-Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
good for sensitive skin. Not my favorite, since you do need some product. But okay, not exactly worth the price but it is sort of cooling. :)
-Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent
The BEST eye makeup remover ever. I actually bought another bottle of this(shhhh) because I did need an eye makeup remover. This removes makeup so well, and it feels like water on your skin. It is not oily at ALL!
-Bath and Body works CO Bigelow Grapefruit Superb Body Lotion
well I got this because I LOVE grapefruit. It has a nice, buttery texture and reminds me of those Kiehl's lotions.
-Bath and Body Works Breathe Happiness Blissful Citrus Watermint Body Lotion
One of my favorite all-time lotions. When I realized that I was almost out I actually bought the full size. :P Always gives a bit of stress relief, it is a relaxing scent that reminds me of the spa.
-Pevonia Botanica SpaTeen Moisturizer
OMG this was one of my all-time favorite face moisturizers. Has a rich texture that helps with dry spots in the winter. Almost done.

So I guess I'm really close to finishing, so my makeup break won't be TOO long. but I haven't been buying that much makeup these, days but a LOT of clothes. oh well. ;)
hope you enjoyed!
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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review: Sephora Eyelash Curler

Hey guys! It's the end of 2011...already! Any resolutions? Mine is to blog more. To start that resolution, here's a review of the Sephora Eyelash Curler.

Rating: 4.5 out of five stars

Pros: Doesn't pinch your eyes with silicone lash pad
Durable, doesn't break after lots of usage
The curl lasts very long for a few hours! :)
Easy to make a good curl, only takes 10 seconds on each side.

Cons: very expensive at sixteen dollars

Overall, this is an amazing eyelash curler! This is definetely the best one that I've tried. It is quite pricey though at sixteen dollars, but the high quality and durability makes it worth it. It is good for beginners as the lash pad prevents pinching and it doesn't fall apart with a 29-part technology.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beauty tips...tons of them.

this was collected from SEVERAL websites and places, hope you enjoy this took forever...
-dampening your hairbrush before brushing your hair prevents static.
-baby powder is a good alternative to dry shampoo
-spraying your hairbrush with hairspray before brushing hair helps remove frizziness
-if you have dry hair, don't use a hot setting when straighening/curling your hair
-if you have oily hair, avoid products that add "shine" to hair-this will make hair oilier
-run wet nails under ice water to make nail polish dry faster
-using a thin coat of vaseline under where you spray perfume will make the scent last longer
-if your nail polish is chunky, roll it with your hands, NEVER SHAKE
-sticking nails in a lemon(no joke) will whiten the tips of nails
-sunscreen-use it as often as possible, this will prevent skin from damage when you are older
-don't use hot water when washing your face, this will dry out your skin
-don't exfoliate too often, as exfoliators can be harsh on skin
-you can use olive oil to remove makeup
-vitamin c brightens your complexion.
-milk removes makeup as well

5 Inexpensive Beauty Must Haves!

1. Vaseline- I keep a mini size of this in my vanity or purse at ALL TIMES. Vaseline lotion has been my life saver-for under my nose and on my knees, where I have many dry patches due to the colder weather and my cold. It is an inexpensive, moisture locking body lotion to use after showering as well. This works as a hand and foot cream as well to moisten flaky skin there, and to repair dead skin cells. Vaseline can be used as a lash-conditioning treatment overnight, then wash it off the next morning.
2. Paul Mitchell Kids Shampoo- This used to be my FAVORITE shampoo last year, and I still love it. Even though this is a kids shampoo, the mild formula works well for normal hair without any strong chemicals or side effects, and is mild if it gets on your face/eyes(ouch). My favorite thing about this shampoo is that it detangles knots SO WELL and prevents my hair from being a knotty ball of messiness. This shampoo works well with my hair, my hair is ALWAYS healthier looking after using this shampoo. This shampoo is available at Ulta, Drugstores, and Hair Salons.
3. Burt's Bees Grapefruit Shampoo- This shampoo can be found at Ulta,, Target, and Drugstores. This is really inexpensive at about 5 dollars. This product is made of mostly natural ingredients, and it has real grapefruit oil(no wonder it smells like fresh citrus!). This shampoo detangles my hair really well, and my hair has a clean "tingle" after using. Hair also feels shinier as well, and has the shampoo has a honey-like texture. This works almost as well as the Paul Mitchell Shampoo, although more product is needed than that.

4. Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods Body Mist-I have been finding myself constantly looking for and reaching for this little body mist(mini size is $5 or 3 for $10, full size is $12 SCORE). I got this in the spring and used it about twice. I finally started using this in late August when I was looking for a musky, fall scent since most of my perfumes/body splashes are bright, floral, and/or fruity. Even though the mist has a colgone-like woodsy, mysterious, musky fall scent with the cool dewy mist of fall, the scent is not overpowering as it is a body mist. Use about 3 sprays on your body for a fall scent that is not too extreme, I have been getting many compliments on this fragrance and it is my new love. <3
5. 7 Way Nail Buffer- This is a really cool nail tool which can be found at many places, like drugstores, Sally Beauty, or Ulta. The first side has coarse grit to shape broken, crooked nails. The second side has medium grit for a similar purpose, but for milder cases. The third side has fine grit to smoothen the nail edges. The fourth side evens out your nail shape in general. The fifth side will give the nail a smooth, tabletop like surface. The sixth and seventh sides add a natural shine to nails. This is a nail-grooming essential that I can't live without, and is only about $3.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Classic Looks: Stripes

Hey fellow bloggers! Long time no blog, I know. My excuse is that I have been on vacation in South Korea to visit family. I had an amazing time! Had TONS of yummy food, went sightseeing, and definetely shopping! I also have been loving the look of stripes these days. It is a classic and very effortless trend. I will be showing you 5 Back-to-school simple, but stylish outfits involving strpes.

This first look I am modeling consists of a yellow and white longsleeve v-neck shirt from Abercrombie. Neon stripes add a pop of color to the outfit. Under the top I am wearing a light blue ombre striped tank from Aeropostale. The stripes are smaller, but they compliment the bolder neon stripes in the longsleeve tee well. For jeans I am wearing light wash Abercrombie skinny tie-dye jeans. The tie-dye print is very subtle, so it matches bolder prints and is good for everyday wear. This a very casual, but cute look that I love for fall.

This next look is suitable for summer and early fall. This is a very nautical look, as it has red, white, and blue. The cardigan was purchased at a little boutique called A Land in Korea. It is a light white cardigan with navy blue stripes and a bold red stripe across the bottom. The cardigan is the statement piece of the outfit, and it is worn with a basic ensemble of a navy blue cami(Hollister) and short denim shorts(Abercrombie). I also would pair it with a whimsical and cute headband. The headband shown(do u see it?) is a navy blue headband with a cute studded bow from Nordstrom. This is the perfect nautical outfit.

This outfit incorprates another trend, which is mixing prints. The top is a slub white and blue v neck tee from Abercrombie(they have great deals on tees, about $10-$20 during sales). To "mismatch" it is a blue floral bodycon skirt from Hollister. This outfit looks cute with flats or sneakers for a casual look. The tips for mismatched patterns is that the patterns should be in a similar color palette. The top has white stripes, and the skirt has hints of white. This makes the mismatched lookchic this fall, and incorprates stripes very well.

This next outfit consists of a gray palette. The sweater  is from Forever21, and has light gray/rose heathered and beige stripes. It has a loose, cropped fit. With crop tops, skinny jeans/jeggings are a good option. So I matched the sweater with dark gray jeggings from Hollister. These are super form flattering, and Hollister is currently having a 50% sale on all jeans! This outfit looks super cute tucked under boots, and it is perfect for fall.

The last outfit(well, just a dress) is clearly the most basic and effortless one of the five. This outfit consists of a dress from Aerie. This dress has a relaxed, slightly loose fit and I usually wear it over a white tank. It has thin white stripes on a rich blue. There is a ropelike string to adjust the waist area. The dress looks somewhat like a henley tee dress-this is very in. I love this dress alone for now, and with a jacket and leggings for fall.

I hope you enjoyed this post on styling stripes! I love you guys. I accomplished 10 followers, thank you! :)
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